About Foursteps Training Solutions

People with similar thoughts and passionate in bringing a change in the minds and lives of aspiring
professionals,joined together in this cause. With a total of 30 years of experience, Foursteps is the first
step that we venture together.

Young Minds are to be engineered with Care and Caution – Continuously…. This is not a quote or borrowedwise words but the Vision of Foursteps.

To impart a sense of committed realization in each individual who is willing to enroll with Foursteps for achieving the individual goal and to support such individuals continuously in making them reach their goals. If Learning comes from within, there will be a point of realization which needs to happen. At Foursteps, we aim to bring out this need in each individual. Our research and experience supports us in the theory that if once, an individual realizes and understands his/her needs, learning however tedious happens with passion and vigour and the best efforts are taken with least hardship.


Top performing organizations are in a constant need to build highly motivated and a self directed team of professionals. We at Foursteps provide a stack of training solutions that can help your organization build these competencies. We achieve this through specific behavioral and functional training interventions. Our training programs offer value by helping individuals apply concepts to complex business situations, hence increasing productivity and efficiencies at work. Our time tested training methodologies are based on the principles of adult learning.

Foursteps helps individuals align themselves to the organization’s goals & acquire skills to augment their effectiveness, thus improving bottom lines and enhancing their career. Our team of trainers is a prominent mix of academicians, industry experts and widely experienced ‘Facilitators who provide our clients with cutting edge services and solutions.

Training Approach - Identification

We look at training need identification as the most important part of the Client Engagement Process. Our advisors and research team through its expert panel of consultants, develops an effective and efficient TNA (Training Need Analysis) process. We invest considerable time and effort in understanding and identification of learners’ needs and defining alignment between training needs and business objectives. Varying with your organizational needs, budget and time factor, we adopt different tools like questionnaires, focus group techniques, observation tools, data analysis or a combination of these.


At Foursteps we believe in the experiential training approach. We seek to encourage autonomy and empowerment in individuals through case studies, assignments, role-plays, games and exercises, simulations and ‘Action Plans’ in order to ensure practical and measured applications at the workplace.

Value creation

This is the most significant aspect of training wherein the actual benefit from the training is realized. We employ tools like questionnaires, 360° Feedback and collective data analysis to evaluate the training impact at 3 different levels: Reaction, Learning, and Action. This helps the organization realize the efficacy of the training intervention. These tools help the organization evaluate and retain individuals based on their core competencies.