• What does artificial intelligence really mean?
  • Environment Setup for Tensorflow-keras
  • Computer vision basics
  • Feature Extraction Techniques and primer
  • Machine learning Algorithms and primer
  • Why Deep learning is becoming so popular?
  • Introduction to Deep Neural Networks
  • Sneak peek into open source python libraries
  • The perception Algorithm
  • Multi-layer Network
  • Develop your first neural network using keras
  • Diving deep in to Convolution Neural Network – CNN Primer
  • It is all about dataset!! And How to gather them
  • Training your own CNN (Shallow network) for Mnist Dataset
  • Training a Very deep CNN for Mnist Dataset
  • Improving Model Performance with Image Augmentation
  • Object Detection using CNN for CIFAR 10 dataset
  • Implementing CNN Architechures
    • LeNet
    • KarpathyNet
    • MiniVGGNet
    • Over Feat Framework
  • State of the art ImageNet algorithms
  • Flower 17 Classification using
    • VGG16
    • VGG19
    • Inception-v3
    • ResNet50
  • Squeeze net CNN a simplified model for remote processor
  • Case Study 1 – Emotion Detection
  • Case Study 2 – Age and gender Detection
  • Case Study 3 – Car Model Identification
  1. Knowledge on python programming is appreciated
  2. Knowledge on Basics of image processing

Note 1: Pre-requisites are strictly to be considered for the smooth maneuver
of the workshop

Note 2: Case studies will be covered in much detail and will be implemented
in real time.